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A Midway International Airport is closest to downtown Chicago. It's about 11 miles southwest of the city center, compared to O'Hare International Airport at 17 miles northwest of the city center. Both are busy airports, but Midway is slightly smaller and easier to navigate. Most travelers prefer to fly into Midway whenever possible.
A Chicago's weather features four distinct seasons with cold winters, hot summers, mild autumns, and cool springs. Rain is a possibility year-round, increasing in the early summer (May-June) and decreasing in late winter (January-February). Humidity is moderately high, and wind is higher than average although not extreme.

Dress in layers when you visit Chicago to be comfortable in the city's changeable weather. For winter, bring a heavy coat, gloves, and hat. Pack plenty of warm clothes for spring and fall as well. Summer days are hot, although you might want a light jacket for chilly evenings. Rain gear and wet-weather walking shoes are a good idea year-round.

A Some Chicago trains operate 24 hours per day (like the Red Line and Blue Line) while other routes stop running sometime between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 2:10 a.m. It depends on the line, train, and day of the week (many run later on Friday and Saturday nights). Check the timetable in advance online or ask our front desk staff for help.

Chicago's train system is called the "L". While the nickname originally referred to the city's elevated train lines, it now applies to the entire rapid-transit network including underground, elevated, and ground-level trains. Featuring eight lines and over 100 miles of routes, the "L" is the second-busiest mass transit system in the U.S. Our hotel offers free shuttle service to and from the Hinsdale train station.

A You cannot smoke in Chicago bars, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, cocktail lounges, coffee shops, and adult entertainment facilities. If you want to smoke outside, you must be a minimum of 15 feet away from the entrance, exit, or open windows of a building to smoke. 
A Chicago is in the Central Time Zone, which is abbreviated as CST during standard time and CDT during daylight saving time. Chicago shares this time zone with much of the United States heartland region, including major cities like New Orleans, Nashville, St. Louis, Birmingham, Des Moines, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Most people think of Chicago as the Windy City because of the cold winds that blow off Lake Michigan and zip through the city streets. Another legend about the nickname holds that it was coined by the press in the late 1800s to describe Chicago's politicians and residents who were "full of hot air." Either way, dress warmly for chilly temperatures in the fall, winter, and spring.

A Chicago's sales tax is 10.25%, which is a total of state, county, and city sales tax rates. The sales tax rate in Burr Ridge, Illinois (where our hotel is located) is only 7.25%. While the state tax rates are the same for Burr Ridge and Chicago, our city and our county (Dupage County) both have lower tax rates than Chicago and its county (Cook County). The total difference in tax rates is 3%.
A Airlines that fly into Midway International Airport include Southwest Airlines, Delta, Delta Connection (Delta's budget carrier), North Country Sky, Porter Airlines, and Volaris Airlines. Midway is an important hub for the low-cost carrier Southwest, which dominates the traffic at the airport and operates 34 out of 43 gates.